Products and systems for aluminium and light alloy treatment

products for alloy treatment

The production of particular aluminium castings often requires suitable alloy treatment, capable of providing a metallographic structure such that the crystals are well interpenetrated, and thus the final casting have excellent mechanical characteristics and strength.

The reactions that occur during the melting phase introduce gas into the molten mass, mainly hydrogen, which is the main cause of oxides and sedimentation of high-melting components.

To maintain the technical characteristics, it is necessary to remove as much of the oxides and gas that are inevitably present in the molten alloy as possible. This minimises the amount that they can cause a reduction in the castability of the alloy and contribute to generating porosity in the cast. In fact, the final mechanical characteristics of the casting are influenced in a negative manner in proportion to the amount of oxides and gasses present in the molten alloy.

FONDERMAT INDUSTRY offers a full range of products for the purification, slagging, covering, refining and modification of alloys, as well as dedicated systems for degassing and the control of the molten alloy.