Foam filters for gravity die-casting

For perfect filtering in gravity die-casting applications, FONDERMAT INDUSTRY offers the following solutions:

FOAM FILTERS for filtering molten aluminium

These are open pore filters, available in various dimensions and porosities.

Characterised by their low density, no filter particles are left in the melt during re-melting of returned pieces.

The composition of the filter also offers maximum metallurgical safety as it does not contain any phosphates, thus eliminating the risk of phosphorous into the remolten metal. They do not contain any abrasives or ceramic components, and the filter can be removed from the melt without risking tool damage. Foam filters for aluminium alloys clean the metal, removing all inclusions, including particles that have diameters smaller than the pores of the filters. The special structure of the filter guarantees non-turbulent flow, thus avoiding the formation of foam and oxides when filling the mould.