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Chill gravity die-casting

The FONDERMAT INDUSTRY products for gravity die-casting are:

Coatings for chills (GDC = Gravity Die-Casting) Mesh and fibreglass filters Foam filters Auxiliary products Accessories and spare parts

Chill casting is a technology for the production of castings in a permanent, reusable mould, or in a semi-permanent mould, if expendable cores are used for creating internal cavities that otherwise could not be shaken out.

The use of a permanent metal mould means that there are very high thermal exchanges with the molten alloy, which determines its structural characteristics, including the size of the grain, the distance between interdendritic branches, and the size of the eutectic silicon.

The grain is significantly finer, with better mechanical characteristics compared to casting made with expendable moulds. Furthermore, a better surface finish of the casting as well as closer tolerances are achieved thanks to the greater stiffness of the mould.