Mold release agents and mixing and micro-dosing systems

For perfect release of the casting from the die, FONDERMAT INDUSTRY offers the following solutions:

  • FONDEROL line: release agents, synthetic and new-generation semi-synthetic

  • ATOMIZED FLUID: family of release agents, totally water-free

  • MIXING AND MICRO-DOSING SYSTEMS: automatic systems for the perfect balanced mixing of the release agent and for micro-dosing die lubricants

The release agent is a fundamental product in die-casting, as it is the fluid that favors the sliding of the molten metal into the mold and the filling of all the cavities of the mold itself. Once the casting has been extracted, the mold must be clean and without residues, and the extracted piece must not present any dimensional or structural alteration, following the molding. A good release agent must have all the above characteristics, favoring an excellent extraction of the jet, even from the most complex molds.
The composition must be such as to guarantee the fluidity and smoothness of the molten metal in the mold and, more fundamentally, to preserve all its essential characteristics after contact with the molten metal. Our FONDEROL and ATOMIZED lines guarantee excellent performance, always.
In addition, we produce and supply SYSTEMS FOR THE MICRO-DOSAGE of the release agent, for a more targeted and economical use of the release agent in the foundry.