Release agents and mixing and micro-dosing systems

For perfect release of the casting from the die, FONDERMAT offers the following solutions:

  • FONDEROL line: release agents, synthetic and new-generation semi-synthetic

  • ATOMIZED FLUID®: water-free release agent produced and patented by ATOMIZED FLUID® (download ATOMIZED FLUID® PDF)

  • MIXING AND MICRO-DOSING SYSTEMS: automatic systems for the perfect balanced mixing of the release agent and for micro-dosing die lubricants

The release agent to be used in die-casting is very important as it must avoid that the molten metal weld to the die. It must aid the release and later extraction of the casting from the die, without there being any changes in size or structure of the piece.

Basically, the release agent must maintain its main characteristics after contact with the molten metal. The main characteristics of a good release agent are:

  • easing piece ejection from the die
  • providing a screening function, keeping the molten metal from welding to the die
  • favouring the flow of molten metal and cavity filling throughout the die
  • leaving the die clean without any residue